Strange delays running zsh

Connor Monahan


As a lot of fellow users of the Z-shell, I have oh-my-zsh installed to make installing plugins and themes easier. One issue I was having earlier today was every time I typed a command or pressed return, it would delay for a couple seconds while displaying ‘xcodebuild’ and then ‘git’ in the title bar. This was very frustrating, as it made quick work more difficult.

After a while, I thought manually updating the repository would be helpful. I went into ~/.oh-my-zsh and ran `git pull`. I then received a message saying similar to You must run as root to agree to the license. It hit me that I did an update of the Xcode command line tools earlier in the day. I ran `sudo xcodebuild` and followed the prompts to accept the license. This caused the delays to vanish. Thought I would share if anyone else had a similar problem.