Website Updates

Connor Monahan

2018-12-23 18:35

I have been working on some updates to my websites, aiming to switch them all over from WordPress to Pelican, a static site generator written in Python. One of the main goals was to merge my technical blog on with my research portfolio on, so this new website will serve as a combination of both. I intend some of my posts from 2011 to be visible (when I was 13) so if you visit the archives keep in mind that my English skills have improved in the meantime.

The new website, being entirely static text, should be more secure and faster than the old WordPress based websites. Part of my motivation for this update was that recently some of the websites I created for my summer job (specifically My Grid Living and/or My Find Me Now) using WordPress had been compromised a few months after I left as they had no one to maintain them. Nothing seems to have happened to any of my personal websites but the breach has made me more cautious when using that blogging software.

I additionally intend to host this website on GitHub Pages, which provides free static site hosting to their members. This will mean that the source code for all my posts will be available on GitHub, so send me a pull request! I will attempt to post more regular updates to this site, especially “lessons learned” guides related to hardware or software I’ve used.