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  1. Debian network traffic monitors

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    I have found the tools nload and iptraf to be very helpful when analyzing communications on my linux server. They can be installed in debian/derivatives using the packages bearing their names.

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  2. Strange delays running zsh

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    As a lot of fellow users of the Z-shell, I have oh-my-zsh installed to make installing plugins and themes easier. One issue I was having earlier today was every time I typed a command or pressed return, it would delay for a couple seconds while displaying ‘xcodebuild …

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  3. Security in the face of SSL vulnerabilites

    Just yesterday, the news broke of a large exploit in popular software that powers the security of large parts of the internet. Within minutes of hearing about it for the first time, I took action to protect my website, even though it was midnight and I was super tired.

    My …

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  4. Why heuristics-based antivirus sucks

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    Today I attempted to download a game I wrote many years ago as a little kid to play again for a small dose of nostalgia. What do I find? Norton removed the file not because it contained a virus, but due to a “reputation” algorithm. I would …

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  5. 'Helpful guide to “Big O” notation'

    Being the type of person who learns by examples, reading information on Wikipedia and given a synopsis by another person is not enough to totally understand a concept. There is a guide that, in my opinion, gives a nice overview of how this measure of function efficiency works. I recommend …

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  6. WebTranslateIt Note to Self

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    Never upload a file to http://webtranslateit.com from a windows computer. I just spent a lot of time recovering from an accident where I tried to download the latest version of translations to my netbook and update the translation manager from there. It caused a lot …

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