1. Debian network traffic monitors

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    I have found the tools nload and iptraf to be very helpful when analyzing communications on my linux server. They can be installed in debian/derivatives using the packages bearing their names.

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  2. Strange delays running zsh

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    As a lot of fellow users of the Z-shell, I have oh-my-zsh installed to make installing plugins and themes easier. One issue I was having earlier today was every time I typed a command or pressed return, it would delay for a couple seconds while displaying ‘xcodebuild …

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  3. Security in the face of SSL vulnerabilites

    Just yesterday, the news broke of a large exploit in popular software that powers the security of large parts of the internet. Within minutes of hearing about it for the first time, I took action to protect my website, even though it was midnight and I was super tired.

    My …

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  4. Local Positioning System with Multiple Cameras

    Paper presented to the Junior Science, Engineering, and Humanities Symposium at Maryville University in 2015.


    This paper presents the process of obtaining, filtering, and tracking targets to obtain the camera’s relative position. The program used computer specific architecture features to optimize the program and provide consistent results immediately …

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  5. Why heuristics-based antivirus sucks

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    Today I attempted to download a game I wrote many years ago as a little kid to play again for a small dose of nostalgia. What do I find? Norton removed the file not because it contained a virus, but due to a “reputation” algorithm. I would …

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  6. 'Helpful guide to “Big O” notation'

    Being the type of person who learns by examples, reading information on Wikipedia and given a synopsis by another person is not enough to totally understand a concept. There is a guide that, in my opinion, gives a nice overview of how this measure of function efficiency works. I recommend …

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  7. WebTranslateIt Note to Self

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    Never upload a file to http://webtranslateit.com from a windows computer. I just spent a lot of time recovering from an accident where I tried to download the latest version of translations to my netbook and update the translation manager from there. It caused a lot …

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