I have yet again competed in the 0hgame challenge, where one is to make a game in “zero” hours, or when the time gets set back due to the end of daylight savings time.

Yet again I will be thanking video game name generator for the idea and concept. Brace yourselves for:

Radical Harvest Pimps

What a fitting topic for the Halloween season? Onto how I implement this in the game. You play as the farmer, and you must defend your harvest of pumpkins from one greedy pimp, who desires to kidnap and sell your pumpkins for himself. His legs are stronger. How long can you hold him off?

You start with a score of 5. You gain points by touching a pumpkin. You lose points by letting the pimp take the pumpkin.

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Movement – W A S D

Left Mouse Click – click pitchfork to start


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Screen 1

Screen 2