cPermissions: Efficient, effective, and lightweight permissions management.

There are many different permissions plugins out there, each doing things their own way. cPermissions strives to provide the most important permissions features, while still remaining simple and lightweight.

cPermissions is the official permissions plugin of the Warhub minecraft server and soon for cmastudios’ freebuild server.


cPermissions is made public under the terms of the GPLv3 License, and comes with no warranty.


  • MySQL support (users only)
  • AntiBuild
  • Chat prefixing/suffixing
  • Inheritance
  • Easy multiworld permissions
  • Meaningful commands

I do not intend to move any part of the plugin besides user storage into a MySQL database, because I believe it makes managing permission groups hard to do when you are restricted to modifying them solely in game or from a server console. It is much easier to edit a configuration file for permissions work then run hundreds of commands.

Permissions are defined inside of a config.yml file, which will be automatically generated by the plugin and placed in the folder plugins/cPermissions. This file is heavily documented and easy to understand for those familiar with configuring Bukkit plugins via YAML files. The syntax is reminiscent of Nijikokun’s Permissions.

Plugin commands and permissions:

Usage Permission Description
/setgroup <player> <group> cpermissions.control Change the permissions group of a player